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Рок Введение в Шарманка

general question, looking for a song I loved

Вопрос: sorry for english instead of russian
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Рок Введение в Шарманка 23 апреля 2013, 00:18

this is in english. I dont speak russian. Have mercy.

lately I heard a modern song sang in Russian with intro played on
the intro is samelike youtube link .com/watch?v=r8_TsWH6fDM
I loved the song and been trying to find it since weeks and I can't find it anywhere.
please help
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Re: Рок Введение в Шарманка #1 23 апреля 2013, 20:26

kubojah, you gave not much clues to help you with this.. Maybe you can remember something else? The one thing i need to say that it is not some sort of hurdy-gurdy in the intro. This is the harpsichord.

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Re: Рок Введение в Шарманка #2 24 апреля 2013, 12:02

I admit, You are right, it's played on haprischord. There are so many tracks with intros played on this instrument so now I know what You mean.
Right after short intro with exact the same tones or at least very simillar, played clearly (the only sounds in intro were ones from haprischord) there was a short silence and the track himself began. Also, the intro part was played used as outro of the song.
It was a modern rock song, played as could have been in 90s and nowadays. Underground song, not generally spoken about, not connected to pop in any way.
The vocalist was young, before 30th birthday, had a really clear voice, typical for rock made for fun not for money. He sounded Slovak.
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