Anti-Flag - We've Got His Gun

С альбома Their System Doesn't Work for You

"We've Got His Gun"

Dad keeps a gun in the drawer in his room,
My best friend is coming over to play
yeah yeah
We got his gun
We're having fun
Tryin to find where the bad guys are
i pull the trigger and shoot my friend
oh no

oh no [x4]

run in the house grab the phone and call for help
they said "hold on, we'll be right there"
now help has come
they got the gun
try to bring him back to life
but its too late he is dead
oh no

oh no [x4]

I've watched the news
For many days
this happens every week
this happens in your town
dont keep a gun in your house
dont keep a gun in your house

oh no [x4]
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