Anti-Flag - Born to Die

С альбома Their System Doesn't Work for You

Hey i have this song tabbed for guitar so ill post that later
but for now you'll have to deal with this.

Verse 1:
He knew he was gonna get it bad when his dad bailed him out of jail
Leading him from the station by handful of his hair
He said, "What am i gonna do with you boy i jsut don't understand
what the hell makes you act this way"
And looking back this lost punk said he said

I found it dad
i found the meaning of life
Your only born so you can die

She was showered with money
She was showered with jewels
But her dad beat on her every day and night
And there wasn othing she could do
She cut her wrists at seventeen
Everyone wondered why
She had it all
She was rich and pretty but alone each night she'd cry

She found it now
She found the maning of life
You're only bor so you can die

Guitar Birdge thing

They found it now
They found the meaning of life
You're only born so you can die

That's it
if you have any ?'s (which i dont think you will)
regarding this or anything else i have posted email me at
[email protected]
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