Cannibal Corpse - Devoured by Vermin

С альбома Live Cannibalism

Ravenous waves attack
Drawb by the scent of life
Fever of our blood

Instinct rules this mass, ruthless living seas devouring
Tear meat frm my skull
Swarming rabid, features are erased
Body covered, rat filled inards
Shred internal organs
Heart and lungs consumed from inside but my pain won't end
I've not died

Devour, cesspool of vermin
Devour, boodthirsty rabid
devoured by vermin

Resistance now gives way, the rodents freely feed
Tearing at my skin
Muscles are exposed, shing red with blood
Meat that they seek

Crawling rodents gorging on me
Repulsive starving droves
Shredding, stripping, consming all I was, tissu pulled from bones
Dying slowly, feeling every fang
Shock has yet to come
Scavengers tear out my eyes
My pain won't end, I've not died


Ruthless gnawing vermin-feed
Cleaning off my bones while I breathe
Stenching greasy rodents-swam
My body is losing its form

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