Hawthorne Heights - Speeding Up the Octaves

С альбома The Silence in Black and White

Just light the match and run
Run from all those times She poured gasoline,
and by fires light she cried She cried all night,
until the salt from her tears Rusted shut her eyes,
she should have shut her eyes Turn off the lights,
Blow out the candles tonight Romance this chance to
set angels to flight Before they die I'll take this
ink from my arms and write your name in the sky
Please don't use my letters to start your fires this
time Your fire this time Please drive faster, faster
than the light Erase her embrace, erase it from your
mind let this die
Remember oceans like
times together Across these oceans I sent my letters
I sent these letters to you Remember oceans and time
together In my mind Remember starting your fires Off
my eyes Remember these oceans Like fires off your eyes
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