The Hives - Closed for the Season

С альбома Barely Legal

Closed For The Season - The Hives
Barely Legal

"It's really, really good music" - Howlin' Pelle Almqvist

Called you up a few weeks ago, thought I was going nowhere
I thought that I had lost my mind and that I was sinking lower
I want to have all the things that I have never had
And you're about to tell me how or I'll hurt you pretty bad

So I'll ask you once, I'll ask you twice and if you still can't give a reason
I'll hang a blue sign over your left eye saying CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

Called you up a few days ago 'cause I still had gotten nowhere
Although I had found a place to go and I was about to go there
But I want to be seated 'cause I had enough of walking
So you better start giving me answers before my right hand does the talking

Called you up not long ago 'cause I still had gotten nowhere
And I was pretty sure now that I had sunken lower
All my patience gone and I was getting pissed
I want to own the world and you to taste my fist
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