Hypocrisy - Request Denied

С альбома The Final Chapter

[It cannot (can no) longer be denied/They can no longer deny]
The government's coverup frights your life (far to long?)
Keep your mouth shut, [of/for] what you have seen
[Or/All] [your/the] body parts [will/were] spread around
For trying to prove the missing time

For those who have seen the terror has begun
Not for the things you've been through
But the things you [know/done]

[It's on an/in an institution]
[Where you will stay for the rest of your life]
There's no therapy, justify the mind
Revealing all that of your soul
There's nothing you try to get treatment for.



The memories of [the encounters/these hours]
Will never go away
I'm [scared/scarred] for the rest of my life
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