Napalm Death - Mentally Murdered

С альбома Mentally Murdered

Your aspirations, unable to stretch,
Beyond the barriers of what's expected,
As the free thought you were born with
Becomes externally polluted.

Lose sight of your ideals
In their brainwashing institutions,
Predetermine your values
To befit your substandard existence...
Discouraging creativity,
To aim for empty ambitions.

Living up to others expectations.
Takes hold of your assiduity.

Mentally murdered!

Always up to the mark,
Set the wheels in motion,
A fake sense of security
From your invariable position.

Sinking in the crowd,
A face minus expression.
A mouth that echoes words,
Recycled from tradition.

Your only contentness
Is in living a lie.

Mentally murdered!

Do you possess the strength
To re-create your own life?
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