Yes - Almost Like Love

С альбома Big Generator

Who was it organizing the right
To follow my leader
Seems we look and stand around waiting
For a sign from god
Speaking for myself
The christian need
The muslim need
The buddhist need
To testify the need for brotherly love

I know there's so many hundred things
Things to talk about
Making us laugh
Just like a shakespeare revolution
Please organize our spiritual evolution
Do that you'll feel it
And we'll feel it
Appreciate it's almost like love
It's almost like love
It's almost like love
It's almost like love

Saint or sinner
Makes no difference in who you believe
In a world of superstition
Caught in a total nuclear greed

Pioneers of the twenty first century
Looking on and looking fast
To try and fix and try and help
This very need
I know there's so many ways
That we can work it out
Whether we live or die

Please organize the simple evolution
So there's got to be
So we can see
To be free
It's almost like love
It's almost like love

So promised in a hundred letters
Should be getting to you any time now
So promised a surprise for you
For getting so far from now
It's almost like love
The way the first one out discovers
It's almost like
How many times can you recover
It's almost

It's almost like
It's almost like love
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