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01.10.2011 - клуб "Milk" (малая арена)



01. Earthshaker Rock (Warlock Cover)
02. I Rule The Ruins (Warlock Cover)
03. Fight For Rock (Warlock Cover)
04. Burning The Witches (Warlock Cover)
05. Running From The Devil
06. The Night of the Warlock
07. Egypt (The Chains Are On) (Dio Cover)
08. Without You (Warlock Cover)
09. True As Steel (Warlock Cover)
10. Burn It Up
11. Metal Racer (Warlock Cover)
12. Für Immer (Warlock Cover)
13. Hellbound (Warlock Cover)
14. We Are The Metalheads (Wacken Hymne)
15. Haunted Heart
16. Johnny Solo
17. Raise Your Fist
18. Breaking The Law (Judas Priest Cover)
19. All We Are (Warlock Cover)
20. Unholy Love
21. East Meets West (Warlock Cover)
22. Herzblut
23. Metal Tango (Warlock Cover)
24. You're My Family

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Фото: Grigoryev Alexander
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