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Муж. finmetal


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Epaksa 16 января 2009, 23:09

За не имением материала об этом без сомнения великом исполнителе на русском языке и моей крайней лени в её поиске - выкладываю информацию на английском.

Epaksa is a Korean entertainer who has recently risen to super stardom in Japan. Born October 5, 1954 in Gyung Gi Do, Masug (about 40 minutes North of Seoul), his given name is Yong Sug Lee. While growing up, his parents taught him pansori, which he has contemporized by incorporating modern, often Western, pop hooks. His reputation started to build based on his unique way of entertaining. While singing, he would imitate the sound of all of the instruments used in the prelude and interlude, and even the sound of the whistle used to gather the tourists. His nickname, Dr. E, came from his broad knowledge of various styles of songs.

After almost 20 years of performing on a tour bus, in 1989, the owner of a renowned nightclub who was also a producer offered him a deal with total creative control. His first album, Sinbaram Epaksa Vol. 1, (the elation / excitement of Epaksa) was an instant hit among his middle-aged working-class audience. Over 1,000,000 cassettes were sold and Epaksa became a hot new sensation for the Korean middleclass. His fame earned him a spot on a popular program at the time, Inganshidae on Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. Following various guest spots on talk shows, he served for one whole year as co-host on an MBC daytime program, Nahohyangsohshic (news from my hometown). Fueled by the heat of his first albums success, he released 19 more cassettes in the same year selling millions of copies. To this date he has released 25 albums.

His music often overlooked by Korean teenagers, Epaksa and his team decided to target the Japanese market. Up until that time no Korean artist had boomed in Japan and distributors were looking for something new. Around the Fall of 1995, a small indie Japanese label introduced Epaksa to Japan with a CD of his signature style vocals accompanied by his synthesizer beats. Fortunately, the president of Sony Music Japan was a fan and pushed for an album to be produced in Japan.

"Encyclopedia of Pon-Chak"In the Spring of 1996 Epaksa's Encyclopedia of Pon-Chak Party 1 & 2 was released. Here Dr. E's music changes, as he sings words and lyrics not just sounds and vocalizations. There are also a few songs sung in English including "Monkey Magic" and "Young Man", his rendition of the song YMCA by The Village People. Released later that same year was 2002 Epaksa's Space Odyssey and Epaksa's 5cm Higher and Rising!. Sales were initially slow, but steady. Sonys package as Korea's Disco Emperor who sings in a unique style telling of Korean culture enabled him to land a gig as spokes-model for a large cosmetic company in Japan. Epaksa's appearance in the commercial as a foreigner singing in his native tongue was unprecedented. This exposure launched Dr. E into superstardom in Japan.

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Even Night

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Re: EPAKSA #21 18 апреля 2009, 17:09

Мать вашу. Чат I roll! I roll! I roll!
Муж. finmetal


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Re: EPAKSA #22 18 апреля 2009, 19:10

Подобные псто неприемлимы в данном серьезном и крайне познавательном топике.
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