Behemoth - Spellcraft & Heathendom

С альбома Chaotica

(Music by Nergal, lyrics by Nergal)

I've met in surrounding me nature
Spirits and deities wielding the element
In a field, in a forest, in rocks and caves
and I won their goodwill with sacrifices
Horses carried me to the skies
White, beautiful steeds... beloved
I was attacking brushwood violently
I touched motherland

PERCUS! Magic circles and black stones
PERCUS! Forest spells and damned souls
PERCUS! I find worship in you

They will return, dance like fire, as before
They will return, to the trees
to the forest of mine... to the kingdom!

The thunderer demons
guards of sacred spot
during those cold nights
they found peace and consolation

Between the gates of Pomeranian kingdom of magic
They will reign again the thrones of mighty fatherland!

I rediscover their power and charm
To defeat like a sorcerer
Like thousand years ago
oaken castles from millennium before
They will rise once a sign...
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