Heaven's Gate - Turn It Down

С альбома In Control

We're gonna rock you if your metal hunger burns
drive into your heads with a 100.000 turns
if you are made of metal,so raise your fist and yell

Can't you hear, it sounds so clear
in my ear there's a voice
we'll never give up!
Come here and stay,we'll blow the night away
you're strong enough,you've got it,don't be tough
and you'll scream

#:[Turn it down]
bang your head
# straight ahead

You love that power and you know it's no disgrace
metal is the best we're invented for the human race
you're rising up to heaven and never come back to the ground

We wanna hear your calling
when our sounds fill the air
and when the night is falling
we are together for ever
we are together and we #
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