Heaven's Gate - Path Or Glory

С альбома In Control

I tell a story of man,his name was Iron Sword
he wants to save the ruined land,he's a courageous lord
he's on his way, when he will lose his life he cannot say
he's escorted b a crowd of men, ten warriors of steel
they're breaking through the ice and wind like a burning wheel
they wanna fight ride on a flash of light

They sit all alone and they can watch the iron tower
they all strive for fame and they are riding on the
path of glory

Now they attack the fortress and they're looking lookin' in fright
no king is sitting on the throne; a beast they have to fight
they wanna go, knowing that they're standing all alone
the evil force is on attack,they hear the devil's bell
there is no way to turn it back,it's coming out of hell
taking their minds, hell and fire makes them blind


They sit all alone and they can feel the flash and thunder
no way to escape, they have to cry

From the back there comes a light
the holy sword is entering the fight
iron fist breaks the evil's soul
iron sword is leading on the path of glory
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