Heaven's Gate - Shadows

С альбома In Control

As you were down again,you told me all those lies and I know I've to pray
your life was still a game,I waited for the price and Iknow, I've to pay

You've been a runaway,feeling as cold as ice
asked me if you could stay,I felt like being hypnotized
heaven will know the reason why you never showed your sorrow in your eyes
you told me all those lies that you'd make a turn
but I could see in your eyes that you never would learn

In the shadow,shadow of your life
in the shadow,you can not deny
when you're drunk,you were lost and you're having no way
something is even to say
in the shadow of your life

Now that you've gone away,I look at the morning sun
all night long I move and stray,thinking of things we've done
heaven will know know the reason why
you had to go on broken wings to the sky
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