Mekong Delta - 3 Beyond the gates

С альбома Dances Of Death (And Other Walking Shadows)

Time - passing as the world changed it's face
Past - all that used to be not a trace
Now - all that was is gone can't you see
Always questions
What - happened to our world, different now
Why - answers can't be found, tell me how
Now - dissolution is all I see
As I meandered this world I saw strange faces
I've seen some gastly bizarre phenomenon
Such desolation and pain I can't describe it
But always something was there that led me on
Never saw a place like this
How can such a place exist
Brotherhood of happiness
Inviting me I can't resist
How can such a thing exist
Inviting me I can't resist
Brotherhood of happiness
Never saw a place like this
Never saw a................
The priests gave us reason
Brought hope to our season
They gave us the will to survive
It's healthy and clean here
It's just like a dream here
Just thank the priests you're alive
I had a vision - then it was gone
Something there I just can't put my finger on
Cries - from the other side calling me
Lies - message from beyond, curse the priests
Why - I don't understand, share the feast
Dark - figures in the mist, help denied
Death - tightening it's fist, no reply
Rage - tell me what is this paradox
And as the people all dance in celebration
They seem so happy and so preoccupied
Somehow I don't understand this fascination
I think it all will be clear when I'm inside
Where did all these priests come from
What kind of men have you become
Serve and never question why
Worship Talons from the sky
What lies beyond the golden gate
A journey of uncertain fate
Serve and never question why
Serve and never question why
Question why
It's nicer than nice here
A real paradise here
It's really too good to believe
There's growing in knowing
And that's where I'm going
The gates are prepared to receive,
receive me
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