Mekong Delta - Sanctuary

С альбома Dances Of Death (And Other Walking Shadows)

Don't believe all that you see, 'cause it can never be
Truth could be there in disguise
So never trust your eyes
Wandering aimless through time
Wondering what you will find
So many years on my own
No place I can call home
A dome upon the hill - stare
What can that building be - sound
I hear a melody - look
That's my phylosophy - wait
The truth is for the brave - and it's like a tidal wave now
Entities all dressed in white
No end in sight
Some giants, some little ones
Where are they from
Packed inside this mega-dome
Why have they come
Where are all these giants from
Why have they come
My eyes are playing tricks on me
These things I really can't believe
They've got the heads of human men
And the bodies of machines
Who are these android masterminds
And what will all this mean for me
Possessing knowledge so incredible
I know They speak the truth indeed
Can this be a fantasy
Mirage of what I want to see
A sanctuary can it really be
Just follow me - I've got the key
So follow me - You will see
Just follow me - I've got the key - So follow me
You will see - So follow me - I've got the key
You will agree - I guarantee - Sanctuary
Just follow me - And you will find
Safe inside - Out of sight - And out of mind
Each of us cell inside
All satisfied
A body of perfection
And we are one
Entities dressed in white
No end in sight
The place I long to be
The giants paid the high price
For their artificial life
They guard the truths of all mankind you see
So intellect can thrive
Condemned to be the slaves of time they are
They can never touch or feel
Things are never what they seem to be
Eternity to them is real
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