Morbid Angel - Abominations

С альбома Blessed Are The Sick

(solo Brunelle)

Churning sea of Absu
Place of weeping death
Tiamat, dark serpent
Lord of the morbid priests
Enraged with hate for god
The priests of chaos chant
From the book of the worm
They burn the symbols of christ

We spit on the virgin lamb
And mock the words he spoke
His ways not worthy of me
We choose to burn in the pits of hell

(solo Azagthoth)

Wreakers of death and havoc
Inflicting never ending pain
Sing the words of emptiness
Formulas of death
Call the queens of hell
And the god of the dead
The sea of Absu rolls
Rising spirit of Nar-Marratuk!!!

Bow down before the master
And pray the defeat of God Dog
Prayer of the ensnarers
Blind fiends of chaos rule

(solo Azagthoth)

Rise up o powers of the sea
In the name of Absu I call
Come and carry my curse
To the ones who me disgust
May they burn in my cauldron
For they are as molten wax
So made it be

Liars in wait, priests of the night
Make images to burn by the moon
Robbing the spirit, raping god's law
Send up our hate to burn heavens gate

(solo Brunelle)
[Repeat 1:st verse]
[Repeat 4:th verse]
(solo Brunelle)
[Repeat 5:th verse]
[Repeat 6:th verse]
(solo Azagthoth)
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