Morbid Angel - Inquisition (Burn With Me)

С альбома Domination

Come burning...are you going to burn with me
Won't you come burning...the world is watching
All the king's men riding hard
All their horses foaming
And if they were to catch us we'd be set ablaze


Won't you come burning...all the dissident ones
Come and walk the line and you will burn with me
Witches yes, slaves never...and still I speak
A heretic amongst you...don't you let me live too long


Could you imagine the pain
Why would my country men let me down
They're bearing withess just to save their skin
That this might keep them from burning
They'd sell their mothers just to save their skin
That this might keep them alive

The marks I'm bearing are oh so deep
My will ingrained at birth
To flood true darkness with light and reverse
You'll see my covenant to keep

Your judgment in the hands of the most inept
Condemn those similar to burn with me
But the night is still young...I'm also feeling very bold
I think I'll do some burning of my own
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