Morpheus - Thoughts Of Distrust

С альбома In The Arms Of...

Thoughts of distrust
Will come to you
As you see
What he will do

The day of rejoicing has dawn at last
To feel vicious pain of the past
Raise your arms in supplication
As he brings you devastation
Exhaust all life in pain
Speak the truth to be insane

Can't you see
What your life will be
Thrown in fear
From darkness clear

The will inside
Can take control
Thoughts of hate
We now behold
His angry wrath
Has filled the air
The fate of god
We now despair

It doesn't have to be this way
Can you hear what I tried to say
Save yourself before it's too late
Can't you see what he will create

Deliver us from evil
Evil for us the deliver
The sight of god is near
The end is now near
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