Suffocation - Reincremation

С альбома Effigy Of The Forgotten

Cremate the human race!
The population has been reduced, a world condemned to horrid death.
And the blood of others heads their saviour, an artificial homicide.
The strong and feevle, all will die.
Nothing left to say! Warmongers have to pay!

Bodies rise from the ground, twice as twisted as before.
Turning the life that we know now,
to the one with knowledge but no laws.
Legal butchery will destroy this so called structure.
We want the ones with life, let's begin the mass cremation!

Genetic bonds are broken, flesh ripped and torn,
Look what's become of you, will you ever meet your maker?
No, you'll suffer 'til demise,
To the ones with knowledge, primitive actions will suffice,
Tied down to the altar, we begin the sacrifice.

Rancid death completes self-immolation,
your organs re-designed!
Your brain's been under siege since you died,
false life has taken over!
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